EAACI Talent Development Programme 2016

Inaugural Postgraduate course:

“Applying 21st century leadership skills in your daily practice”

Saturday, 11 June 2016


The President of EAACI is pleased to launch an exciting new program for emerging and future leaders as well as for members in senior positions.

The aim is to provide additional value by updating and enhancing members’ leadership skills, while strengthening the leadership pipeline and positioning the organization to meet its needs effectively as expansion continues. This is in conjunction with the intention to create further management opportunities in the near future.

Who Can Attend

In this special session, participation is by invitation only. Attendance is limited to:

  • EAACI Board of Officers
  • Executive Committee members
  • Section Chairs and Secretaries
  • Interest Group Chairs and Secretaries
  • Specially designated board members

Course Outline & Learning Objectives

The program’s inaugural postgraduate course represents a practical opportunity to learn immediately applicable, 21st century leadership skills.

According to Eric Hoffer, renowned moral and social philosopher, “In times of change, the learners inherit the earth, while the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

Participants will learn the following skills through interactive discussions, exercises and role-plays, thereby preparing them to be better leaders in the world we now live in:

  • Empathic communication, a 4-step method leading to more positive relationships and improved resolution of conflict
  • Essential integrity, a practice leading to increased success, satisfaction and pride in one’s actions and daily work life
  • Ontological humility, an effective way to create alignment, trust and mutual understanding when people disagree on how to approach a situation.

Course Outcomes

  • Skill enhancement to prepare for and to support your career as a leader
  • More influence, greater cooperation and stronger relationships
  • Enhanced communication techniques, less conflict
  • Improved effectiveness and productivity
  • Overall, a solid reputation and high credibility through providing excellent results.